Why Use a Virtual Queuing System?

Why Use a Virtual Queuing System?

Any business with a waiting protocol and an actual line deal with many challenges. Lobby areas can be chaotic and unorganized. Customers become frustrated, and in turn, it puts strain and pressure on employees. It’s led many companies to reconsider queuing with a modern lens. The solution is a virtual queuing system. 

If transforming waiting from physical to virtual seems efficient and streamlined, you’d be correct. In this post, we’ll define virtual queuing systems and how they work and provide you with a list of benefits when implementing one.

What Is a Virtual Queuing System?

virtual queuing system is a software platform that provides customers options to join the line without physically being in one. They can join a queue in several ways, including a link on your website, checking in at a self-service kiosk, or scanning a QR code with their mobile device. 

When joining the list, customers can also relay why they’re visiting you today to ensure they get in the correct queue. Customers then receive approximations of wait time. Once it’s their turn, notification is possible through SMS messaging or via waiting room options, including digital signage displays or voice. 

Depending on your industry and needs, the virtual queuing solution is customizable. When integrated with an online appointment scheduler, you can enjoy other capabilities that make customer interactions more streamlined. Customers and employees will appreciate how simple it is to use.

So, what can you gain by using a virtual queuing system?

Key Benefits of Virtual Queuing Systems

People are busy, schedules are hectic, and no one wants to waste time. Inefficiency in processes can impact employee productivity and customer experiences. Queuing systems can make a significant difference. Here’s how:

  • It improves the customer experience with a frictionless process that sets expectations and doesn’t require them to stand in line physically. That drives customer satisfaction and affirms that you value their time. 
  • Systems generate a lot of data regarding wait times and customer needs. You can use that to understand peak traffic times, the top reasons for service, and what influences wait times. With these insights, you can make operational changes. 
  • You can reduce operational costs by investing in queueing technology. The data you collect can identify bottlenecks in your locations. Smoothing these out by staffing appropriately based on demand will save you money over time. 
  • Employees don’t have to manage the queue by hand, so they can focus on other things like serving your customers. It also eliminates human error, which is an eventuality with manual processes. 
Is a Virtual Queuing System in Line with Your Needs?

Upgrading the customer experience starts with choosing the right technology. You can turn a once cumbersome process into something simple and straightforward with virtual queuing software. It’s easy to deploy and manage, and you’ll see results fast with all the benefits noted above. 

Find out more about our solutions and what’s the best fit for your business. Start the process by speaking to one of our queuing experts today

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