Five Ways A Queuing System Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Five Ways A Queuing System Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Businesses that focus on continually improving the customer experience are likely to be profitable while having the pleasure of serving happy customers. 

Happy customers tend to be loyal customers sharing their positive experiences with others, thereby increasing business through the best type of advertising-free word of mouth press. They also tend to spend more money and return more frequently than dissatisfied customers.

A queuing system streamlines the customer flow and can improve the level of service as well because you have provided the customer with an expectation. They are not left wondering and growing agitated.

Here are five ways a queue management system can benefit businesses by increasing customer satisfaction. 

Decreased Perceived Wait Times

As the saying goes, “perception is reality,” even when false. What a person believes can often trump what is or has happened. This is especially true when it comes to waiting in line. A few minutes can seem like an eternity when a person is physically in line with no distractions.

However, when businesses utilize customer flow management (CFM) strategies made possible by a queuing system, wait times are visible to customers. This allows customers to plan their time accordingly and lets them know that a business values their time and their business.

And, when businesses couple CFM with engaging digital signage, they can entertain customers and promote products and services, which helps pass the time and may even garner more sales. This helps create a stress-free environment for customers and doesn’t make them feel like they are wasting their time standing in line.

Freedom To Wait Anywhere

A properly configured queuing system designed to meet the needs of a business can reduce congestion and free up customer time by allowing them to wait wherever they like. This enables customers to bypass traditional lines. Customers can make the most of their wait time, whether soaking in the sun, avoiding close contact in their car, or completing a quick errand.

An electronic queuing system provides clear insights into wait times, allowing customers to wait off-site with total freedom. SMS updates keep them informed, so they know when it’s their turn. A queuing system can also send reminders to support on-time attendance and help customers remember to bring any required paperwork or documentation.

Reduced Service Times

A queuing system collects and stores customer information. Employees can access customer data in real-time, including information regarding past visits, transactions, and any present issues. This allows for world-class customer service and the ability to make every visit smooth, efficient, and personalized.

When coupled with mobile phone information, businesses with a queuing system can directly contact the customers without making them feel like someone is invading their privacy or peace. That’s because it’s becoming more and more common for businesses to collect numbers, and resistance to giving out personal phone numbers is down.

Plus, customers can choose to receive text messages, which for many customers these days is the preferred contact method. A queueing system also offers the additional opportunity to collect information to make visits problem and stress-free.

Multiple Check-In Options

Everyone has preferred technology and many people are fairly set in their ways regarding what they are comfortable using. This can be especially true for older customers. With a queuing system, customers can join queues online through a QR code, online via a website, at an onsite kiosk, or even by talking to a receptionist.

Customers can continue with their day, be productive by checking work email or taking a moment to catch up on the day’s news or a walk to grab some fresh air. Allowing them to choose aspects of their experience gives customers ownership in the process. This lets them know that their time is valued and supports the future business by putting the customer first throughout the business transaction.

Utilize Customer Feedback To Improve Business

Once businesses have collected customer contact information, they can get feedback that enables them to know what is working and what is not working from the customer’s point of view.

With NEMO-Q’s queuing system and survey software, actionable survey results lead to queuing improvements that continuously evolve with customer and business needs. The queuing system can send surveys after a visit or transaction for customers with SMS-enabled communications. This often leads to a greater response rate as well as real-time data.

The queuing system is a stellar way to meet customer needs while providing an exceptional customer experience when it comes to excellent customer service.

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