NEMO-Q offers a versatile range of solutions to automate transactions across digital channels. These solutions are curated to improve a customer experience. Queue Management Systems, Product Line Management, and Customer Journey Analytics systems are some of our transformative solutions. We know the importance of customer experience solutions because they help you manage their journey, from pre-service to post-service. 

Do you want to decrease customer wait time and avoid a crowded lobby? Do you want to reduce customer uncertainty? We can help you manage customer flow. Here are some of the other benefits offered by our queue management solutions.

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1. Proactively Prepare For Customer Visits.

Our Customer Experience Management solutions help you prepare customer visits beforehand. You can easily access all appointment details for the day and manage your staff accordingly.

2 . Customer Flow Like Never Before!

Keep your clients in the loop by offering estimated wait times. The estimated wait times are based on multiple factors such as check-in, start times, and staff availability. When their wait times exceed certain limits, your managers are notified.

3. Personalization Is Key To A Great Customer Experience.

A reliable Customer Experience Platform will offer a frictionless experience to your clients. It can even help you boost your upsell opportunities! You can easily integrate queue management software with your CRM for better personalization.

4. Post-Appointment Feedback

Our Customer Experience Software can help your clients rate their in-store experience via customizable surveys. Your customers can receive automated texts or emails immediately after an appointment.

5. Allow Customers To Check In Anywhere.

Allow customers to communicate with you on their terms! Let them join virtual lines via Queue Manager software from an on-site kiosk from their home.

Virtual Queuing System

We are experts in improving customer satisfaction and increasing employee efficiency.

Virtual Queue Systems are one of the most effective means of managing wait times. It enables customers to wait in line regardless of their location.

Your customer service techniques need to evolve with the ever-growing expectations of your clients. Take control of queuing experiences with NEMO-Q’s Virtual Queuing System! It allows you to manage customers seamlessly. Let’s understand what benefits does a Virtual Queuing System provide?

-It reduces customer walkways, which means more business
-It helps you manage your service area and reduce waiting times
-Easy to use and are centrally controlled
-Increase the efficiency of customer journeys
-Optimize staff performance and boost employee retention

NEMO-Q Line Management Systems manage and improve customer experience and waiting environments.

Get in Line Anywhere

NEMO-Q allows your customers to join the queue online and blend with your walk-in traffic.

Queue by Name or Number

NEMO-Q software allows your customers to be issued a ticket simply or enter their name when securing a place in line.

Customer Experience Experts

With over 40 years of experience in queuing management, we are well equipped to serve you by taking care of your customer no matter the industry.


Healthcare facilities worldwide use NEMO-Q’s virtual queuing systems to increase patient satisfaction.


The NEMO-Q System is used by thousands of government entities in over 67 countries.

Higher Education​

NEMO-Q has years of experience managing the unique traffic patterns of colleges and universities.​


An increasing number of Banks and Credit Unions are turning to NEMO-Q queuing systems to manage wait times and productivity.

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