Queuing in Healthcare

Improving Patient Experiences with NEMO-Q

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See more patients

Improve your overall efficiency with clear insight to wait times, important KPI's, and employee proficiency.

Protect patient privacy

Allow patients to get in line anonymously with NEMO-Q check-in. Patients can do this online or in-person.

Increase patient satisfaction

Provide an efficient and stress free experience for the patient.

Decrease lobby traffic

Cut down on your number of walk-ins and free up critical space in your lobby. Make the patient's experience efficient and effective.

Mobile friendly options

With NEMO-Q Appointment Scheduling your patients can easily book online through a secure and safe mobile friendly website.

Wait Times are a powerful Influencer

While many aspects contribute to a positive hospital-, clinic- or lab-visit, one crucial element of the patient experience is wait time. Nothing frustrates a patient more than sitting in a lobby, watching as others are seen by the doctor, and having no information about when their turn will be. And an experience perceived as valuable time wasted may result in patients
leaving your facility, never to return again.

Transparency in waiting

Today, fusing new and existing technologies, the NEMO-Q solutions enables patients to make valuable use of their waiting time by allowing them to secure a place in line from anywhere, expediting check-in processes and time spent waiting in lobbies. With NEMO-Q, individuals can easily enter your queue online from any phone, computer, or kiosk in your facility. Purposely engineered to adapt to both young and aging demographic preferences.

Facilitate patient Satisfaction

Medical aid is not all that a patient seeks; quality care in a patient-centric environment is also paramount. Gauging how a facility is perceived by the patrons served, customer satisfaction surveys garner immediate feedback, gathering specific information about positive and negative patient perceptions that could improve both a facility’s services and bottom line. Available to patients in a variety of channels—from tablets in the patient rooms or kiosks at the exit—NEMO-Q satisfaction surveys provide valuable information that administration can leverage to make improvements and streamline patient visits.

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