online Appointment scheduling

Customer flexibility

People are busy! Give your customers the ability to be seen at a time that's convenient for them and their schedule.

Reallocate peak traffic

Peaks and valleys created by unpredictable customer inflow can create staffing issues. Reallocate peak traffic to your slower times.

Shorter office wait times

Your customers will have the ability to wait anywhere! They only need to be in your office when it's their turn.

Limit lobby traffic

Cut down on your number of walk-ins and free up critical space in your lobby. Make the customer's experience efficient and effective.

Mobile friendly booking

With NEMO-Q Appointment Scheduling your customers can easily book online through a secure and safe mobile friendly website.

NEMO-Q Appointments
Customers easily secure a time for the service they need

Customers easily secure a time for the service they need, at a convenient location, and wait wherever they want. If you also have a queuing system, appointments will be seamlessly blended with your walk-in traffic.

Our online appointment software will allow customers to go online and book an appointment for individual employees, a block of time designated by senior staff, service queue, specific date/time, location etc. Once an appointment has been made, that time and date is now reserved! The customer is sent a confirmation email outlining the time, date and location of their appointment.

The appointment software will generate a minimum of two notifications for the customer. These notifications can be sent via email, SMS, or both. The first notification to the customer will detail the appointment confirmation code, date, time, and location. The second notification will be a reminder. The reminder is sent whenever the customer prefers (i.e. one week, one day, or one hour prior to their appointment). Moreover, if an appointment is cancelled, or rescheduled, a confirmation notification is sent back to the customer confirming the new appointment date or appointment cancellation.

Customers will be prompted to check-in on-time and at the correct location prior to their visit.

Whether you have a queuing system or not, the customer will check-in by entering their confirmation code via a self-service touchscreen, or receptionist. 

NEMO-Q appointment scheduling software will seamlessly blend appointment customers with your walk-in traffic. The customers will input their appointment confirmation code into the touchscreen kiosk. Their appointment status has been verified, and the customers will be called at the time of their scheduled appointment.

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