Eliminate “Waiting in Line” Headaches

With 40+ years of experience, NEMO-Q has the world’s most modern queuing system.
Our state-of-the-art technology makes “waiting in line” a thing of the past.

Secure – Simple – Straightforward

Cloud-based software supports the NEMO-Q queue management solutions making it a viable & secure solution for businesses of any size. Users select appointment times on digital devices and wait for their turn. Users can also receive messages, updates, and reminders via the app.

NEMO-Q is customer experience management company that specializes in queuing systems and appointment scheduling. We are experienced in advising and consulting in a strategic campaign for informing your customers of your intent to improve their experience through an investment in advanced technology. This technology is geared toward making the personal time you spend with your customers more convenient for them and more productive for you. With a proper strategic implementation, the introduction of a new queuing system will be viewed by your customers as a positive event done for their benefit, fully placing them at the center of your focus.

Kiosks provide onsite support and another opportunity to make appointments or check-in upon arrival. Kiosks print tickets upon check-in and people wait until their number is called.

We serve a variety of industries that can make full use of our queuing software.

At NEMO-Q, we’re dedicated to providing best-in-class service to our clients. Whether using an app or our kiosks, or
both, we improve the queuing experience for everyone!

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