Queuing in government

Improving Customer Experiences with NEMO-Q

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Improve morale

When citizens are happier, the employees assisting them are, as well. Create a stress free work, and waiting environment with a queuing system.

Increase efficiency

See your visitors in a timely and orderly manner. With a NEMO-Q queuing system in place you can yield greater returns.

Increase visitor satisfaction

Multiple options for line entry translate to a demonstration of your respect for citizens’ time.

Decrease lobby traffic

Cut down on your number of walk-ins and free up critical space in your lobby. Make the citizen's experience efficient and effective.

Mobile friendly options

With NEMO-Q Appointment Scheduling your citizens can easily book online through a secure and safe mobile friendly website.

Importance of queuing in government

Our approach of satisfying the customer’s “when they want, how they want and where they want” mentality extends beyond the confines of the private sector – government, particularly in government offices, can benefit from queuing systems and queuing software. An organized lobby is critical in a government-office setting – this organization, often achieved through line-management software and systems, leads to increased visitor satisfaction, employee efficiency and overall morale.

Choosing the Right fit

You can queue customers by name, number, mobile phone or appointment, find a cost-effective software solution from a range of available options, lean on historical statistics to continuously improve, separate customers into different lines and send them to different employees, and receive industry-leading implementation and service.

powerful Analytics

Virtual queuing systems can alleviate traffic at busier government offices, allowing citizens to reserve appointments and avoid long wait times, and use real-time analytics to boost the efficiency of office staff. You’ll be able to leverage real-time information, utilize a management statistics dashboard to produce customized reports and “canned” presentations, and use data to continuously tailor processes to your specific needs.

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