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The system can be hosted in the cloud, or on-premise. All of our applications are web-based for complete versatility.

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The World’s Most Modern Queuing System


At NEMO-Q, we take pride in being one of the oldest queue management system companies in existence. Our 40-plus years of experience are unrivaled in the industry. And with the arrival of COVID-19, our expertise is of even more value in solving your customer queuing needs. From planning to implementation to post-deployment support, we work with our clients to meet current and future needs.


Our dedication to client success includes regularly collecting feedback and data to improve systems and processes to support maximizing ROI. Our customer queue management systems include digital queue system options, online schedulers, onsite kiosks, line management solutions, and much more. Whatever your queuing system needs, we can make it happen.

Simple, Effective, and Flexible Solutions Meet Specific Client Needs

At NEMO-Q, we believe in creating simple, effective solutions that save our clients time and money while improving the overall customer experience. Our goal is to reduce the headaches associated with traditional “wait-in-line” models for management, staff, and guests. To do this, we continuously update our queuing system options to meet evolving needs and incorporate the latest technology.


New clients work with their sales consultant to select from a menu of services that address customer queuing needs. From there, the queue management system is customized to meet specific business demands.

Begin by Selecting the Foundation of Your Customer Queue Management System

Creating the customer queuing system begins with four simple decisions. These will be determined based on company-specific line management goals and budget. Each decision point offers multiple options to ensure clients get exactly what they want. The following is a brief overview of the four pillars that comprise the foundation of a customer queuing system.


  • Web-Based Hosting: Clients have two choices when it comes to fulfilling digital queue system hosting requirements: on-premise or cloud-based. Either one provides security and peace of mind in supporting queuing systems’ requirements.


  • Queue Type: Deciding on the queue type will depend greatly on industry trends. For example, in a healthcare setting, privacy is of the utmost concern, so selecting the “queue by number” option makes the most sense. However, in a retail or food establishment environment, connecting directly with customers is preferred, so using the “queue by name” option would be a better choice.


  • Customer Experience: This decision is also straightforward and industry specific. Clients have two options: self-service or receptionist. The self-service option allows customers to choose the department or service needed. The “virtual” receptionist allows for the creation of blank fields and drop-down menus to support customer check-ins.


  • Notification Type: A customer’s “wait in line” experience is greatly determined by this decision. Clients may choose TV, voice, or SMS notifications. Each one supports a different level of freedom for the customer during their wait and is often determined by logistics and space concerns.

Easy to Deploy, Maintain, and Manage


Once the foundation of a client’s queueing systems is decided, it’s time to deploy onsite and watch the magic of transforming your customers’ “wait in line” experience. Our cloud-based hosting technology greatly simplifies the deployment process while supporting user-friendly platforms. Using Google Chrome, users log into a unique URL and get to work.


Another benefit is the minimal use of hardware. Clients can run the entire system from a tablet or PC. And employees can work with the system with desktops, phones, tablets, or laptops so there is no need to get new or special equipment. Maintenance is also simplified to support effective operations. The system and hardware restart daily and there is a support team dedicated to resolving issues available.


From changing digital content to real-time monitoring of customers, managers can make decisions based on queueing systems’ dashboard reporting features. Whether using an online scheduler or a traditional lobby environment, the queue systems can inform decisions based on wait times, employee availability, and customer abandonment rates. Additionally, this data is saved to provide managers with historical data for future staffing needs.

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NEMO-Q has assembled an unmatched team of experts to plan and implement queuing systems. Our queue management and appointment scheduling solutions have been customized for organizations and companies in many different industries. With over 40 years of experience in queuing systems, NEMO-Q is equipped to serve you by helping you take care of your customers and streamline your business processes.

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