Queuing in Higher Education

Improving Student Experiences with NEMO-Q

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Increase efficiency

Improve your overall efficiency with clear insight to wait times, important KPI's, and employee proficiency.

Student flexibilty

Provide a multitude of options for the students to get in line. Allow them to walk-in, or select a time that fits their busy schedule.

Elevate student experience

Provide an efficient and stress free experience for the student with easy to use applications.

Decrease lobby traffic

Cut down on your number of walk-ins and free up critical space in your lobby. Make the student's experience efficient and effective.

Mobile friendly options

With NEMO-Q Appointment Scheduling your students can easily book online through a secure and safe mobile friendly website.

Queuing for a Modern campus

Modern college-age students have grown up in a world where they’ve been inundated with technology from essentially the beginning of their lives, leading to a segment of the population that’s not only comfortable with technology, but naturally gifted in its use and inclined to seek out online-friendly solutions. With respect to queuing, this familiarity eliminates fears and concerns related to using mobile phones, registering online, etc.

Flexibility of the system

Instead of a rigid framework, NEMO-Q’s collegiate solutions allow for seamless transfer between departments, the merging of walk-in and appointment traffic, “wait anywhere” options, and more. While student-focused and adaptable queueing solutions certainly benefit the students in terms of time spent, they also produce positive results for the campus as a whole.

powerful analytics

Virtual queuing systems can alleviate traffic and allow students to avoid long wait times. You’ll be able to leverage real-time information, utilize a management statistics dashboard to produce customized reports and use data to continuously tailor processes to your specific needs. When queueing solutions are put in place, campuses notice reduced labor expenses and increased employee efficiency from the additional layer of organization, reduced student abandons and greater overall student satisfaction.

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