Five Industries That Benefit From Queue Management Systems

Five Industries That Benefit From Queue Management Systems

From educational institutions to healthcare facilities, government offices to retail, and banks to credit unions, the benefits of implementing a queue management system cannot be overstated. In today’s world, time is of a premium and the inconveniences associated with long and messy wait lines are no longer acceptable by most of the general public.

Companies and organizations that fail to utilize the latest technologies to improve the “waiting in line” experience will no doubt lose business and find themselves with low scores in the customer service department. The Covid-19 pandemic redefined consumer expectations with the rapid deployment of digital solutions to meet daily needs while supporting social distancing and quarantine requirements.

Customized Queue Management Solutions

What many don’t realize is that these solutions can be deployed in any industry that involves people waiting in line for goods or services. And, with state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of a company with 40+ years of experience, solutions are customizable to meet individual business needs and solve company-specific problems.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities have dozens of touchpoints where students must wait in line to receive services and take care of business. From bookstores to health centers, admissions to financial aid offices, professor office hours to tutoring centers, the list of areas apt to lead to congestion is seemingly endless.

NEMO-Q Digital Queue System meets the current generation’s expectations to have digital solutions to daily challenges. And the queuing solution’s dashboard gives a unique insight into what is and is not working to maximize its effectiveness supporting students’ busy schedules and easing the burden of service on employees.

Banking And Credit Unions

Virtually everyone has experienced the pain of waiting in line at a financial center. Traditional systems have customers signing in upon arrival and promptly finding a seat in the waiting room. The challenge – whether 3rd in line or 10th, customers have no idea how long they will be waiting for.

It’s a frustrating experience and does not encourage onsite visits to tackle financial challenges. With a digital queuing system, customers can sign in and make a note of what they are visiting for – open an account, get a car loan, investigate home mortgage refinancing solutions, etc. And, based on past visits, the system can automatically generate estimated wait times – leaving customers feeling valued and eliminating the dreaded unknown wait time.


Government offices are infamous for their time-consuming lines. Many government offices utilize the grab a number, take a seat approach which leads to crowded waiting rooms, frustrated citizens, and stressed-out employees.

Line management software can assist offices in streamlining operations and improving overall efficiency which maximizes budgets. Offices may choose how visitors sign-up for appointments – name, number, phone, or appointment – to protect individual identities. Queue management systems can also be customized to separate citizens into separate lines for specific departments and employees to reduce congestion and wait times


The retail industry found itself in a unique situation with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic – companies were forced to pivot overnight and find ways to meet consumer needs while protecting their safety. Digital solutions rapidly evolved and continue to do so as consumers have come to expect conveniences catering to their specific wants and needs.

Queueing Systems support evolving digital solutions and provide an effective tool to manage scheduling needs based on real-time historical data. Customized dashboards allow stores to predict peak months, weeks, and days to schedule accordingly effectively reducing employee stress and customer abandonments.


Healthcare establishments, from hospitals to pharmacies and doctor’s offices to urgent care centers, tend to have busy waiting rooms and longer wait times. Whether visiting because they are ill or for wellness purposes, waiting in a healthcare setting can be very stressful. Healthy patients do not want to get ill and sick patients just want to get home.

Establishing a secure queue management system can help in treating patients faster. They can even allow patients to wait in the comfort of their cars after onsite check-in, a major bonus for many since Covid-19 has become a daily concern. And these systems are designed to keep patient names and personal information private in accordance with HIPAA policies.

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NEMO-Q has assembled an unmatched team of experts in implementing Queuing systems. Our queue management and appointment scheduling solutions have been customized for organizations and companies in all the above-mentioned industries. With over 40 years of experience in Customer Queue Management System, NEMO-Q is equipped to serve you by helping you take care of your customer, no matter your industry.

Contact the experts at NEMO-Q today to find out how a queuing system can help.

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