Queuing in finance

Improving Customer Experiences with NEMO-Q

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Improve efficiency

Improve your overall efficiency with clear insight to wait times, important KPI's, and employee proficiency.

Modern solutions

Allow customers to get in line at the nearest branch by using their favorite device. Walk-ins and appointments are blended seamlessly.

Reduce frustration

Provide an efficient and stress free experience for the customer. Multiple options for line entry demonstrate your respect for customer time

Decrease lobby traffic

Cut down on your number of walk-ins and free up critical space in your lobby. Make the customer's experience efficient and effective.

Mobile friendly options

With NEMO-Q Appointment Scheduling your customers can easily book online through a secure and safe mobile friendly website.

the perfect queuing solution

A queue management system from NEMO-Q offers a better way for financial institutions to manage wait lines. With the NEMO-Q system, your customers’ queues are streamlined based on their particular banking needs, ensuring a better experience and a shorter perceived wait time. And with analytics built into the system, banks and credit unions can gain valuable insights about operations, improving both efficiencies and member satisfaction.

Modern and Transparent

Before the digital age, paper clipboards were the norm for queue management. However, in today’s digitally-advanced world, you certainly don’t want a potential member’s first impression to be an outdated paper process. Further, antiquated clipboard queuing doesn’t provide members any context on wait times, leaving them feeling unvalued with no realistic expectation of how long they’ll be tied up.

Reduce labor Expenses

Using a third-party system to manually enter member names and the reason for their visit costs thousands in labor expenses . And when an employee becomes free to engage with another member, they must assess the manual system to determine which customer is next, wasting valuable worker time. NEMO-Q saw these gaps in manual queuing as an opportunity to use technology to revolutionize the process. Now, with a queue management system powered by advanced technology, branches can more effectively manage their queue lines while management can govern multiple branches in real-time, improving efficiencies while allowing customers to gauge how long they’ll have to wait.

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