Queueing Systems Optimize Employee Efficiency

Queueing Systems Optimize Employee Efficiency

Waiting in line is not fun, and many times it can cost businesses revenue due to lost clients and consumers. How many of us have left a place of business, a restaurant, or a retail establishment because of the actual or perceived wait times?

But it’s not just customers who suffer; employees suffer well. Not only do they have to deal with frustrated customers, but they also have to complete their job duties under the stress of knowing that the longer their customers wait, the more likely they are to get angry or leave.

Queuing Management 101

In most industries, employees must deal with potential miscommunication from customers regarding where they need to be and what service they are seeking. Getting in the wrong line and being redirected to another just to start all over again is not a pleasant situation for either customers or employees.

This happens because most businesses utilize traditional queueing systems that do not optimize business operations. Examples of these systems include:

  •         Customers wait in predetermined lines.
  •         Ticket systems allow people to wait where they want until their number is called.
  •         Customers haphazardly create a line with little or no guidance from employees.
  •         Online check-ins or scheduled visit times to fulfill individual needs.

A queueing system allows businesses to manage operations and maximize queues by making the check-in process clear, concise, and efficient. A customer can state why they are there, and the system will direct them to the correct place without an employee getting involved.

Queueing Systems Support Optimal Employee Performance

 Successful queuing systems will match customers with employees with the correct qualifications to meet their needs. This eliminates miscommunications from the very beginning of the customer transaction. It also supports employees as they can be confident that they will be able to serve the customers.

Another benefit is the ability to give customers estimated wait times. It’s been proven time and again that customers overestimate the amount of time they had waited when not given a timeframe when they arrived.

While customers have insight into their wait time, your employees have a different view – it provides them with a holistic view of how many people are waiting and how long they have been in line. This makes their job easier and allows them to serve customers reasonably and efficiently.

Customer Communications Improve Business Outcomes

Satisfied, happy customers are loyal customers. When they are waiting in line, keeping communications going can be the difference between retaining customers or losing them.

Queuing systems can generate SMS and email notifications to inform customers what they need to do before their turn. Everything from completing paperwork to having IDs ready. This cuts down on service time, and employees can process transactions faster. In addition, employees can adequately prepare before meeting with them by having customers sign up for specific services in advance.

Offices can more effectively manage their queue lines while management can govern multiple offices or branches in real-time, improving efficiencies while allowing customers to gauge how long they’ll have to wait.

 Customer satisfaction increases with a queueing system, and customers are less frustrated due to long wait times. In turn, employees work with happy customers supporting a less arduous work environment by reducing workplace stress.

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