Check out NEMO-Q ‘s web-based appointment scheduler that will simplify your waitlist management. You can set the availability, duration, calendar, and location, among several other features. Using the software, you can also create virtual waiting rooms to reduce the number of walk-ins and traffic in your lobby.

Such queue management helps you prepare for customers beforehand, allocate the required staff, and manage the waiting list. With NEMO-Q Virtual Line Management, you can queue your customer anonymously and help them wait anywhere until their turn comes.


The interactive UI will allow your team to track your appointments on a single dashboard with calendar views, searches, and filters to find all your meetings in one place. You can achieve high customer satisfaction scores by identifying the inefficiencies in the workflow. In addition, the software has all the required security measures to provide you with end-to-end encryption.

Features that you and your customers will love!

NEMO-Q Virtual Line Management is an innovative software solution that streamlines the check-in process for businesses and enhances the customer experience by eliminating physical queues and providing customers with a convenient virtual queuing system.

Easy Scheduling

With NEMO-Q, customers can book their appointment as per their schedule. In this manner, they save time as you help them book appointments quickly.

Calendar Sync

NEMO-Q is designed to work with your existing calendar and workflow. It helps you synchronize your availability across time zones to let your customers find a suitable time to meet you. Moreover, you can also connect it with your CMS to leverage more benefits.


Ratings & Feedback

Getting customer feedback is a key to improving services and facilities. NEMO-Q allows you to send customer rating and feedback request emails about their experience.   


Shorter Wait Times

NEMO-Q allows your customers to wait anywhere and visit exactly when their turn comes. It leads to shorter wait times, which positively impacts their minds.


Easy to deploy

You can easily install, maintain and manage the software. Moreover, you can also customize your content and wait times.


What are the Benefits?

Virtual waiting list

NEMO-Q Virtual Line Management allows you to create virtual waiting rooms. Instead of waiting in your office, your customer can wait anywhere for their turn. When their turn comes, they’ll get a notification on their mobile phone. 


Regular reminders

NEMO-Q can seamlessly manage both digital and physical (walk-in) appointments. It lets you send fully customizable and interactive confirmation requests and appointment reminders via email, text, or voice call. Plus, you’ll get real-time updates to your calendar and inbox. 


Easy access to virtual waiting rooms

Our software creates intuitive and smooth check-in flows, helping you improve the overall customer experience. Your customer can easily choose the time slot that suits them. Once the appointment is confirmed, your customer will get an SMS. Your customers can also know about their queue status in real-time and any update on the waiting list.


Request a demo 

Are you thinking of enhancing your customer’s experience? Reach out to our experts; they will walk you through our agile and robust customer waiting system feature. We will show you a demo of the application, the use of various options, and how you can customize it according to your needs. Our team will also help you integrate the software into your work culture for improved coherence of your employees.

We have been in continuous operation for more than twenty-two years, helping several industries to streamline their business and improve customer experience. Moreover, our application comprises a list of features required for your organization’s growth.

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