Queuing solutions

NEMO-Q solutions will allow you to keep your customers safe and socially distanced, while still having a positive experience at your business.

Lobby Management

Eliminate your lines by having your customers wait in a virtual queue. A virtual queue will enable your business to practice safe social distancing and eliminate unnecessary interactions by using a self service check-in.

Appointment Scheduling

Take full control of your lobby and limit the number of people in it at any time. Customers can safely book an appointment from their home and spend a minimum amount of time on location.

SMS Updates

SMS updates allow customers who walk-in the ability to wait remotely. They simply provide a phone number at the point of check-in and are free to wait anywhere! This keeps your lobby and office to a minimum number of people.

Mobile App

Your customers can secure a place in line and check-in without ever stepping foot in your building. After securing a virtual ticket, the app will provide estimated wait times, service times, and real-time updates.

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