The Importance of Customer Feedback and How to Capture More of It

The Importance of Customer Feedback and How to Capture More of It

Customer feedback can be essential for your business. It enables the voice of the customer to hold a place at the table. Understanding what they like, dislike, and expectations can help your company in many ways. However, it’s often difficult to get customers to participate in surveys, no matter their opinions or experiences. Even with incentives, many will ignore your requests. Even if they do complete one, it may not be honest and accurate. 

So, how can businesses get more customer feedback with surveys? Let’s find out. 

What Can You Learn from Customer Feedback?

So, what’s the actual value of hearing from customers? Why should you even put effort into surveys? There are substantial benefits you can realize when you receive honest feedback from customers.

It can help you improve a process, service, or product. 

Customers can often point out inefficiencies better than you can. Their perspective is one you can’t emulate unless you know what’s working and what isn’t. If you see trends in feedback, you’ll want to apply them to the process to improve it. If it’s product-related, those that manage those will find this input helpful.

Surveys show you care about their opinion and will act on it. 

Per a study, 52% of people believe companies should take action on the feedback they provide. If your customers feel that their opinions will lead to changes, they may be more willing to complete a survey. Make sure you include language like this when sending them one. 

It can help you create better customer experiences.

Sometimes the feedback you get is more about the interaction and the service they receive. It can either highlight things you did well or where there’s room for improvement. This information would be helpful for customer service teams.

Feedback is another data source for analysis.

You may collect data on customer behavior from many sources. Survey information is one more stream that helps you build a complete profile of customer needs, expectations, and motivations.

Customer feedback can be a powerful tool in improving your company from many angles, but getting it is still a considerable challenge.

Overcoming Issues with Customer Responses in Seconds

The biggest problem you must solve in the customer feedback ecosystem is making it fast and easy. Research says that the human brain’s attention span is 8 seconds, and we designed templates in our 8 Second Survey to align with this.

Surveys longer than this commonly end up as ignored. If someone does answer, they may randomly click through to get to the end, which means the data isn’t accurate.

Solving the time and convenience issue is only the start. Then, you must ask the right question to get the most beneficial insights.

Asking the Right Questions that Deliver the Most Insights 

You don’t have to come up with the “perfect” questions on your own. Our Feedback terminal has a wide range of questions in its library, scientifically designed to increase response rate and draw the most precise conclusions in a short format.

Improve Faster, Grow Your Business

The era of plastic buttons and other superficial measurements is over. Instead, the systematic collection of on-site customer experience feedback leads to faster improvements, translating to growth on your financial report.

Traditional surveys don’t provide context, such as what times of day stand out or what occurs that results in a negative feeling at that moment. Customers that complete surveys days after the transaction aren’t likely to remember the details. Their responses may be generic or random, and that doesn’t paint a complete picture of what went right and what went wrong.

However, an on-site survey allows the customer to reflect on how they’re feeling while still in the experience, delivering far more accurate results.

Fast Feedback and Smart Analysis with 8 Second Survey

NEMO-Q delivers a wide variety of customer satisfaction and experience tools for businesses. By providing technology platforms that engage customers now, you can walk away with helpful feedback that can drive change.

Learn more about how 8 Second Survey works today.

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