Picking the Right Queuing System for Your Operation

Picking the Right Queuing System for Your Operation

Lines create dissatisfied customers, patients and visitors – and they create lost revenue.

A queuing system can help you practice effective line management, keep customers informed, free up staff for more critical tasks, and drive overall efficiency that leads to revenue.

But how do you select the right queue management solution for your unique operation and needs?

Key Questions to Ask about Your Potential Queuing Solution

There is a plethora of potential options to choose from in your quest to streamline your queuing and better serve those you do business with.

However, there are critical criteria you should be aware of to ensure you’re getting a solution with all the functionality you need to avoid spinning your wheels and wasting time on a queuing system that doesn’t get you all the way there.

Ask these questions:

  • Will it remove lines and traffic from my lobby?

With the right queuing system…

Yes, it will. By empowering guests to check in to the queue online, with their mobile device or in person, you eliminate congestion in your lobby space – and the potential frustration people feel when they’re in the middle of it. Most people will select to check in either online or with their mobile device, keeping your lobby clear.

  • Can guests make it clear why they’re checking in so that my staff is always informed?

    With the right queuing system…

    This gives you and your team valuable insight about what appointments you have coming up and what resources will be needed to ensure they’re as successful as possible.


  • Is a transparent, accurate wait time shown to the customer?

    With the right queuing solution…

    Yes, at all times. When people are aware of how long they’ll have to wait, no matter how long that wait is, and they’re empowered to wait from anywhere, they’ll be more satisfied.


  • Can customers receive text message alerts about their position in line?

With the right queuing solution…
Yes, they can. This keeps them updated and informed as conditions change, providing them a sense of control over their experience.

  • Are customers directed to the right employee based on their needs?

    With the right queuing solution…

    Every single time. Avoid wasting the valuable time of both your customers and your team members by ensuring the right customer is matched with the right team member each and every time, elevating overall productivity and lowering frustration on both ends of the transaction.


  • Does the system improve employee and office efficiency?

    With the right queuing solution…

    Yes, it does. The combination of all the factors above means that every step of the customer’s experience, from initial appointment setting to the time they’re seen, is efficient and productive – and those benefits carry over to your operational efficiency, as well.


  • Are there real-time and historical KPIs for me to analyze and use to continue boosting those efficiencies?

    With the right queuing solution…

    Robust data is available to you and your managers to view online or from mobile devices, giving you access to the information you need to play to your strengths and continue to find new efficiencies.

NEMO-Q’s Queuing Solutions Check All the Boxes – and More

NEMO-Q gives you the tools to streamline customer check-in, queue them by name or number, empower them to feel in control of their wait, notify them when it’s their turn, match them with the best employee for their needs, and leave you with critical data to drive further improvement.

To learn more about how to get started, visit https://www.nemo-q.com

Erik Berg

I'm Erik Berg, an experienced technology executive with a proven track record of success with Queue Management Solutions.

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