How a Healthcare Scheduling Software Improves the Patient Experience[Infographic]

How a Healthcare Scheduling Software Improves the Patient Experience

Creating faster and more efficient methods for completing necessary tasks is one of the foundational principles behind all modern technology. We’ve been able to transform our world, often by tasking computers to manage and utilize our information and data.

Within healthcare, technology has served a pivotal role from the very beginning. The industry continues to drive digital innovations as well. One of these technologies, healthcare scheduling software, allows patients to control their appointments more. The practice is steadily gaining popularity amongst patients and seems destined to become a fixture within the medical community before long.

How Healthcare Scheduling Software Works

Managing people’s expectations becomes critical to achieving positive results when dealing with the general public. In healthcare, handling patients, especially their time, is even more critical and potentially life-altering. Healthcare scheduling software assists medical professionals and patients in improved, more effective scheduling experiences.

Healthcare scheduling software allows patients to access your office’s digital calendar and scheduling process online, usually through the practice’s website. Patients will be using their own phones or computers to access the software and interact. They’ll most likely find an amount of ease in using a device they’re familiar with. In some cases, offices even offer kiosks for patients to schedule and check in for appointments.

By allowing patients to choose their date and time, they feel they are taking ownership of the process. Plus, the patient knows best what will work for their schedule. The software can even send the patient an automatic reminder when their appointment is getting close, so appointments aren’t overlooked or wasted.

On the other end, medical professionals can see who is scheduled and when, so they can adjust their calendars accordingly. Patient data and medical history can also be linked, as well as comments from the patient regarding their reasons for scheduling. This kind of front-loaded information allows doctors and medical staff to be more precise about their approach to each patient.

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Scheduling software is also helpful in scheduling office and medical staff for their shifts. Patient coverage can be anticipated based on what’s on the shared digital calendars. Plus, the office waiting room is never too crowded when patients can be given much more specific times for their appointments and can be notified remotely through a mobile-friendly website or SMS when it’s their turn.

Doctor’s offices are also much better equipped to handle walk-ins or emergency visits since they can quickly assess how relatively busy they’ll become during the day. With scheduling software, everyone is more aware and more mindful of their and others’ time.

The Benefits of Healthcare Scheduling Software For Patients

In considering how best to serve patients, it’s important to remember that most patient benefits also translate into wins for the doctors and staff. Managing patient expectations is one of the most important aspects of a positive experience. It also helps doctors and staff to approach their jobs with less stress and more significant results.

Improved Convenience and Accessibility

Patients and the medical community want their time to be used efficiently and effectively. With modern scheduling software, both groups can manage their respective scheduling concerns with relative ease quickly.

Patients can access the scheduling software remotely using their phones, laptops, or virtually any other device that can connect to the internet. This allows patients also to schedule and amend appointments 24/7, not just during regular business hours, when they may be too busy to make an appointment anyway.

Online scheduling software represents a new team member for doctors and their staff. The software compiles and organizes the calendar to clearly present patient appointments for the day, week, and even month(s).

Reduced Wait Times

Staff scheduling and doctors’ time management can be maximized with greater accuracy and efficiency. Knowing when and how many patients are scheduled helps to match the number of staff and doctors needed in the office. Plus, offices can manage peak traffic times better by offering scheduling timeframes that don’t coincide with typically busy times of the day.

Patients can be assured that the time they’ve scheduled for an appointment will actually be when they’re called into an exam room. Patients can also remotely check-in, significantly reducing waiting room times. They can even wait outside the waiting room since they can be notified to come in on their mobile device.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Managing patient expectations and consistently following through with plans helps patients feel they’re being cared for. Allowing patients the conveniences scheduling software offers also improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, both critical metrics for long-term success.

Quicker Support

Scheduling software also improves communication and information sharing between patients, staff, and doctors. By understanding what the patient is experiencing and examining their prior medical history, the doctor can approach each appointment more transparently and more informed. Both patient and doctor are then able to work towards a diagnosis or solution in a faster way.

Better Payment Processing

Once a patient has established a profile with the scheduling software, they can also set up payment information. With remote payment options, staff and patients can again avoid the traditional lobby or waiting room experience for an expedited process.

Schedule for Success

Incorporating healthcare scheduling software into your office’s operations is a benefit for many reasons. Namely, it makes everyone’s job easier. At NEMO-Q, we strive to create and offer software that helps to transform the patient’s experience and, in turn, the doctor and staff’s patient management abilities. Contact us today to learn more about what our systems can do for you.

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