Virtual Queuing System

We are experts in improving customer satisfaction and increasing employee efficiency.


NEMO-Q Line Management Systems help to manage and improve customer experience and waiting environments.

Get in Line Anywhere

NEMO-Q allows your customers to get in line online while seamlessly blending your walk-in and appointment traffic.

Queue by Name or Number

NEMO-Q software allows for your customers to simply be issued a ticket, or enter their name when securing a place in line.

Customer Experience Experts

With over 40 years of experience in queuing management we are well equipped to serve you by taking care of your customer no matter the industry.


Healthcare facilities all over the world are using NEMO-Q’s virtual queuing systems to increase overall patient satisfaction.


The NEMO-Q System is used by thousands of government entities in over 67 different countries.

Higher Education​

NEMO-Q has years of experience managing the very unique traffic patters of colleges and universities.​


An increasing number of Banks and Credit Unions are turning to NEMO-Q queuing systems to manage wait times and productivity.

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