Sell more product by keeping your customers on the sales floor and out of line

Drastically reduce checkout time with SMS notifications and digital signage

Reduce abandons

Customized SMS notification of the customers turn

Allocate staff to help customers efficiently with invaluable statistics

The new GLASS Sign-In System from NEMO-Q allows you to manage walk-in traffic and waiting customers in a professional manner. Customers feel that they have a secure place in line and your staff will have a firm handle on who is waiting and for how long. Your customers can select different service types in a retail or banking environment, while they may select to see a specific staff member in places like salons and barber shops.

With the texting option, the system will send customers a text when it is their turn or, as an option, when there is one customer ahead of them. This is perfect for locations where there is other shopping to do, or the customer chooses to wait elsewhere. The customer sign-in screen can run on any tablet or computer with an internet connection and the staff screens can be operated from tablets, computers or phones.
• Can be mounted on a floor stand, desk stand, or mounted to a wall • Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or a network cable (recommended) • Customers select desired service and enter their name • The system can be set so that the customer can select a specific staff member • Customers may enter their mobile number
• The Staff Action screen is used by your employees and not seen by customers • The screen shows who is waiting and for how long • Select and serve any person in line or press a button to get the "next in line" • When a staff member logs in, they can automatically become an available option on the customer sign in screen • The screen shows if the customer has been sent a text message
• The Staff Dashboard allows you to see what staff members are doing • See if any customers are waiting for them specifically • Monitor how long a staff member is spending with customers
• Customers easily see where they are in line • Compatible with most Smart TV's or any TV connected to a browsing device
• When the texting feature is activated, your customers can opt to enter their mobile number and receive a message when it's their turn • For locations where customers may roam over a larger area, settings make it possible to have the message sent when it is "almost" their turn
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