Nemo-Q Virtual Queuing Process

The NEMO-Q Virtual Queuing system is designed to allow customers to check in and secure a place in line through a variety of means. Our system will allow customers to get in line by simply walking in and checking in at a kiosk or with a receptionist or greeter. Once customers’ needs have been assessed, they will be placed in a virtual queue and issued a ticket. With flexibility in mind, the virtual queuing system can also be equipped with more advanced technology that allows customers to get in line from a remote location via immediate web entry, online appointment, phone call, or SMS text message. Not only does this technology free up your lobby, but it also frees customers from the burden of standing in line and allows them to be productive while waiting for services at your office!
A NEMO-Q system can allow your customers to be seated comfortably while simultaneously freeing up your lobby. Your customers are free from the burden of standing in line, allowing them to be productive while waiting for services at your office.
NEMO-Q offers multiple visual and audible notifications, both general and personalized. All of our hardware is even ADA compliant, giving your customers every opportunity to be notified.
The customer’s specific need is placed in an electronic queue where it will interface with the virtual dashboard located on the Customer Service Representative’s (CSR) computer. The attendant will then use the real-time Web-Based Dashboard to call forward, transfer and otherwise manage your customer’s experience. Customers that require multiple transactions can be seamlessly transferred to other queues. Before transferring the customer, the employee is able to communicate with whomever they are transferring the customer to with “ticket text”. Ticket text will only be seen by the employee and is not available to the customer. Employees can transfer customers to specific employees, a particular workstation or to a different queue. More importantly, the NEMO-Q system is now tracking a new wait/service time for the new category in addition to the category previously served.