Queuing Using Tickets and Numbers

The NEMO-Q Virtual Queuing system is designed to allow customers to check-in and secure a place in line through a variety of means. Our system will allow customers to get in line by simply walking in and checking in at a kiosk or with a receptionist or greeter. Once the customer’s need has been assessed, they will be placed in a virtual queue and issued a ticket.
NEMO-Q Kiosks are easily configurable requiring no staff assistance and are all industrial grade. We have the ability for multiple language functionality and can gather crucial customer data through any variety of submenus.
Our line management systems are equipped with different types of printers depending on our clients’ specific needs. Your logo will be proudly printed across the top as well as any textual information or marketing material you’d like to present to your customers. Furthermore, regardless of the printer or paper you need, NEMO-Q can customize your ticket number sequences based on service types to gather even more crucial data for your office.
With a ticketing system, you can elect to have a customer’s ticket number displayed on an LED, while simultaneously being displayed on a television and even spoken audibly across your lobby.