Queuing in Healthcare

Improving Patient Experiences with NEMO-Q

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Improve your overall efficiency with clear insight to wait times, important KPIs, and employee proficiency.

Protect patient privacy

Allow patients to join your virtual queue anonymously with NEMO-Q check-in online or in person.

Increase patient satisfaction

Provide an efficient and stress-free experience for the patient.

Decrease lobby traffic

Reduce your number of walk-ins, free up critical waiting room space, and enhance the patient experience.

Mobile friendly options

With NEMO-Q, your patients can easily book appointments online through a secure and safe mobile-friendly website.

Wait Times are a powerful Influencer

While many aspects contribute to a positive hospital, clinic, or lab visit, wait time is crucial to the patient experience. Nothing frustrates a patient more than sitting in a lobby, watching as others are seen by the doctor and having no indication about when their turn will be. This may result in the loss of patients.

Transparency in waiting

NEMO-Q queue management empowers patients to save time by securing a place in line from anywhere, expediting the check-in processes, and minimizing waiting room wait times. With NEMO-Q, individuals can easily join your queue online via phone, computer, or at a kiosk in your facility. This software is purposely engineered to dynamically adapt to young and aging demographic preferences.

Facilitate patient Satisfaction

Quality care in a patient-centric environment is paramount. Customer satisfaction surveys garner immediate feedback by gauging how a facility is perceived by its patrons. Gathering information about positive and negative patient experiences heightens the attention to 0customer service and the bottom line. Available to patients in all channels—such as tablets in the waiting room or kiosks—NEMO-Q satisfaction surveys provide valuable information that the administration can leverage to improve and streamline patient visits.

Why Does The Patient Experience Matter?

The patient experience begins as far back as when they join your virtual queue. Each step is a significant part of the patient experience determining whether they will return or provide referrals. To recognize the establishment’s strengths and opportunities, a healthcare provider must understand the complete patient experience.

Patients seek easy online navigation when making appointments and open communication when visiting a clinic. They don’t want to sit in a waiting room for a long period. Studies show that 96% of patient complaints are related to customer service and wait times. Healthcare scheduling software is indispensable.

With NEMO-Q patient scheduling software, you can allow your patients to book a consultation with their doctor from anywhere. You’ll never miss a meeting with healthcare scheduling software while receiving live insights into how many patients continue to wait for consultation. It reduces the patient wait time and improves your administration workflows, and helps allocate medical staff accordingly.

Ready to Enhance Your Customer’s Experience & Your Workflow!

Are you thinking of enhancing your customer’s experience? Reach out to our experts; they will walk you through our agile and robust patient scheduling software. We will show you a demo of the application, the use of various options, and how you can customize it according to your needs. Our team will also help you integrate the software into your work culture for improved efficiency of your employees.

We have been in continuous operation for more than twenty-two years, helping healthcare industries to streamline their business and improve customer experience. Our healthcare scheduling software is easy to deploy, maintain and manage. Moreover, our application comprises a list of comprehensive features required for your organization.

It’s time you should shift to a highly powerful, dynamic, and customized patient scheduling software to improve the process of queuing. This enables your patient to save time that they might spend standing in a long queue to book their appointment. Also, it improves your efficiency and improves your customer retention. So, why not give it a try!


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