NEMO-Q solutions improve service by shortening your citizens’ wait times and putting citizen satisfaction and employee proficiency first.

The NEMO-Q Virtual Queuing System is used by thousands of government entities in over 67 different countries. With the experience of over 45,000 systems worldwide, we are uniquely equipped to provide you with the right system for the right price. NEMO-Q is at the cutting edge as the industry evolves and utilizes different types of systems to take advantage of new technology. We have become the driving force in the industry by listening to the needs of our customers and then delivering solutions to meet those needs.

Alleviate traffic at your busier offices

Allow citizens to reserve appointments

Use real-time analytics to increase staff efficiency


With a Customer Flow Management (CFM) solution in place, you achieve a greater return from your skills-based routing investment. This is true because you send fewer visitors to employees who do not have the skills to handle the transaction or inquiry. Employees are therefore not wasting time on transactions they cannot properly handle. With a CFM system, you are in essence reserving a specialist for your visitors and increasing the likelihood of first contact resolution.
During periods of peak volume in your office, CFM immediately educates your visitors with an electronic wait time. With options for managing the wait time, visitors who reserve their place in a queue will not leave out of frustration because they don’t know what to expect in terms of waiting.
By offering your visitors multiple options to get in the queue, you are demonstrating respect for their valuable time. In addition, you are eliminating employee waste time, while gaining valuable statistical intel to improve efficiency.
Happy visitors mean happy employees. When visitors utilize CFM rather than waiting without a clue as to how long it will be before they will be seen, they are much happier when they meet the employee. This prevents the visitor from being upset because of the unexpected wait, which may now be making them late returning to work or other commitments. Happy visitors equal happy employees.


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