Virtual Queuing Solutions’ Significant Role in the World’s Reopening

Standing in line was once a regular part of everyday life, and it came without much concern for personal space. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way we think of social norms.

As social distancing recommendations continue into what’s likely to be a “new normal,” businesses are facing new demands when it comes to keeping customers safe. As you consider all the operational changes you’ll need to make as you contemplate reopening, a virtual queuing solution can be a valuable tool.

What Is Virtual Queuing?

The first iterations of queuing systems included customers taking physical numbers and waiting for those to be called. Technology has modernized the process, making good use of the fact that most consumers have smartphones.

Virtual queuing leverages SMS technology, allowing you to send one-way text communications to waiting customers. They simply check-in at a kiosk and provide their mobile number. Once the phone number is in the system, that person becomes part of your virtual queue, with no lines required, offering you the ability to maintain social distancing.

You can choose from four different kinds of messages:

  • Welcome texts to confirm a successful check-in and offer a link to FAQs.
  • Reminder texts based on a trigger value of your choice (i.e., you are now No. 5 in line).
  • “Your turn!” texts indicating you are now ready to assist that customer.
  • Follow-up texts that deliver a thank you and are often used to share survey links; these can also be set at a time interval of your choosing.

Virtual Queuing Creates Organization

Virtual queuing has been adopted by a variety of different industries, from banks to retail and even government entities. It has such great appeal because it creates organization. That was an important aspect of serving customers before the pandemic and is even more crucial now.

With virtual queuing, you have a tool that allows everyone space, provides peace of mind, allows customers to wait anywhere and saves valuable time for both your operation and those you serve.

Online Appointment Scheduling Also Effective in Reopening Strategies

Many restaurants, retailers, and salons have been allowed to reopen with limitations on capacity. To comply with government guidance, you need an easy way to manage how many people will be present in your space. In addition to our virtual queuing platform, we also offer online appointment scheduling.

By using our solution, customers can easily book time at your business from their mobile phone. Once they are booked, they’ll receive notifications either by email, SMS, or both with the appointment confirmation and reminder. It’s a streamlined workflow that enables you to serve your customers in the safest way.

Take Care of Business and Your Customers

As you consider what the “new normal” looks like for your place of business, rely on our virtual queuing and online appointment scheduling technology to assist you. With our solutions, you can minimize interactions and provide a safe environment.

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