Virtual Queuing Being Utilized in Banks

Wait From Home

Waiting in line at a bank or credit union can be time consuming and frustrating, but it is something that everyone must go through. Paper clipboards are no longer the most efficient way to roll through the line in an orderly manner. Finance offices very commonly have longer wait times than average. Therefore, virtual queuing has taken over and is here to stay.

Stress Free For Everyone

With NEMO-Q, we can solve the problems of outdated queueing processes. With our systems, we reduce frustration by making wait times transparent to the members, as well as reduce labor costs by matching the appropriate employee to best address the member’s needs. Not only does this keep the members happier, but it also increases efficiency by simplifying the check-in process.

Safety First

We are dedicated to help accomplish this. Especially considering recent events, lines and crowded lobbies can be considered dangerous due to COVID-19. By making lobbies contactless, virtual queuing makes the members feel safe and creates a seamless and more efficient member interaction process.

Erik Berg

I'm Erik Berg, an experienced technology executive with a proven track record of success with Queue Management Solutions.

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