The Importance of Queuing Solutions in Government Offices

Our approach of satisfying the customer’s “when they want, how they want and where they want” mentality extends beyond the confines of the private sector – government, particularly in government offices, can benefit from queuing systems and queuing software.

An organized lobby is critical in a government-office setting – this organization, often achieved through line-management software and systems, leads to increased visitor satisfaction, employee efficiency and overall morale.

Choosing the Right Fit

Virtual queuing systems can alleviate traffic at busier government offices, allowing citizens to reserve appointments and avoid long wait times, and use real-time analytics to boost the efficiency of office staff.

You can queue customers by name, number, mobile phone or appointment, find a cost-effective software solution from a range of available options, lean on historical statistics to continuously improve, separate customers into different lines and send them to different employees, and receive industry-leading implementation and service.

You’ll also receive a service point dashboard, available in a browser, as a client or as an app, that lets employees log in and effectively manage citizens (calling citizens forward, marking no-shows, displaying wait-time information, alerting management, transferring customers, etc.).

Finally, you’ll be able to leverage real-time information with a global management dashboard and utilize a management statistics dashboard to produce customized reports and “canned” presentations and use data to continuously tailor processes to your specific needs.

Benefits of NEMO-Q Solutions

When you leverage a queuing system and queuing software as part of the citizen experience at your government office, you’ll notice these benefits:

  • An increase in employee efficiency:

With a Customer Flow Management (CFM) solution in place, skills-based routing yields greater returns, as employees are no longer being asked to take care of tasks they don’t have the skill set to complete.

  • Reduced abandons:

Immediate electronic wait time keeps citizens happy even during peak times, as an expectation has been established.


  • Increased satisfaction:

Multiple options for line entry translate to a demonstration of your respect for citizens’ time.

  • Improved morale:

When citizens are happier, the employees assisting them are, as well. 

Ready to Learn More?

Our robust platform allows you to manage queuing and collect data, empowering timelier visits and insights that improve both the visitor experience and your competitive edge. Learn more about our Government specific queueing capabilities by listening to our Government focused podcast or visiting our industries page here.

Erik Berg

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