The Art of Waiting: Frictionless NEMO-Q Updates Are Coming To Improve Queuing Efficiencies


All system software eventually needs an upgrade. And, with NEMO-Q ready to serve up software enhancements for its legacy systems, Erik Berg, Sales Director at NEMO-Q, dropped by to let host Daniel Litwin in on what’s changing with this new rollout.

Berg said the new features are easy to identify, and users will notice the ease of use improvements right away.

“NEMO-Q recognized the need for customers to be able to configure the system to fit their needs, and the new software design does that,” he said.

The most significant shift in strategy is that NEMO-Q’s solutions are now web-based instead of client-based. This change allows for the versatility and ease-of-use customers expect today. Customers can expect to be able to utilize NEMO-Q on their smartphones and tablets with this upgrade.

“Ultimately, we haven’t changed the customer experience too much, but what we have done is improve those customers’ workflows and made life easier for them,” Berg said.

“By helping our customers, we’re helping their customers,” he said, noting that improvements in efficiencies should reduce customer queue wait-times.

Erik Berg

I'm Erik Berg, an experienced technology executive with a proven track record of success with Queue Management Solutions.

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