SMS Queuing Explained and How It Affects Your Customers

SMS Queuing Explained and How It Affects Your Customers

SMS Queuing Explained and How It Affects Your Customers

With evolving customer expectations and new desires for frictionless, efficient experiences from every organization they interact with, long wait times are no longer tenable. In fact, they never were – they lead to abandonment, dissatisfied customers, hits to your business’s reputation, and more.

SMS queuing solutions can not only reduce this tension and provide a more streamlined and enjoyable experience for retail customers, business visitors, healthcare patients and more, but they can also blend with other text-based features that help your organization understand and cater to its customers.

Let’s find out why.

The Tangible Benefits of More Effective Queuing

First and foremost, SMS solutions have a clear benefit when used for queuing – they result in happier customers, patients and guests.

Perceived wait times shorten when the ones doing the waiting are better informed, and SMS queuing solutions take that to a whole new level. With a powerful SMS queuing solution, you can ensure your customers know when their appointment is with frequent reminders, how many people are ahead of them when they arrive and begin waiting, and when their turn has come up.

Better yet, this functionality also empowers them to wait from anywhere, which is particularly important in a time when health and well-being are more important to customers than ever before.

Expanded Benefits of SMS Functionality

Beyond a reduction in no-shows, fewer abandonments and greater overall customer or guest satisfaction, leading queuing systems can integrate other SMS and mobile features that help you gather robust data tailored to continuing to improve your operations.

Because SMS functionality is fully customizable, you can gather exactly the information you need to help your business flow more efficiently.

For example, SMS features can be used to welcome your customers and thank them for their business, which can make them feel valued and appreciated by your business.

These follow-up messages can also be used to collect surveys and customer feedback, which helps you not only learn how to serve your customers better and increase satisfaction, but direct your staff toward duties that are a more meaningful use of their time.

Customers are accustomed to giving out their phone number, and it’s an important tool in empowering you to deliver better overall experiences that translate directly to positive, measurable results.

Customers are on their phones for hours each day, making a text message more likely to be seen and interacted with than an email or other form of communication, and it’s critical for your business to have that data to use for analytics, surveys and marketing opportunities.

With over 40 years of experience in queuing and appointment systems, NEMO-Q is equipped to serve you by helping you take care of your customer, no matter the industry.

You can learn more about NEMO-Q’s SMS and mobile features and how to best utilize them here.

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