Seamlessly Blend Walk-in Traffic and Appointments with Online Scheduling Software

Seamlessly Blend Walk-in Traffic and Appointments with Online Scheduling Software

Many businesses have a mix of customers waiting their turn, with walk-in traffic and appointment setters. Seamlessly merging these two is often a big challenge. Customers are sitting in waiting areas and their patience begins to dwindle as their appointment time passes. They witness others called ahead of them. In many cases, inefficient workflows and human error cause these situations. Leaving queue management up to employees results in stress for them and negative experiences for customers. With online scheduling software, you can alleviate these challenges. 

How Online Scheduling Software Blends Two Traffic Types

Online scheduling software with capabilities to merge traffic types is an excellent approach and applies to many business types. If lines or queues are part of how your company services customers, it’s a solution for you. 

The key is to integrate a queuing system and an online scheduling system. With these two powerful pieces of technology, you can realize many benefits:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Ability to serve a larger volume of people in the same timeframe
  • Higher customer satisfaction 
  • Reduced stress for workers
  • Shorter wait times
  • Limiting lobby traffic
  • Boosting employee productivity 

Additionally, the pairing also blends short and long appointments and walk-ins. Being able to segment in this way ensures that those there for a minor reason don’t get stuck waiting for those with more complex needs. It provides a new sense of equity and fairness in the waiting game. 

How the System Works

Customers make online appointments through your website and receive a confirmation code. When they arrive at your location, they input that code into a self-service check-in kiosk. Walk-ins would use the same kiosk to check in, placing them in the virtual queue in the appropriate order. 

The system has the functionality to differentiate how people get in the queue. Customers can also indicate the reason for their visit, which ensures they are placed in the right line to get the assistance they need. 

You can also set schedules, calendars, and scheduling rules. With this capability, you ensure that online appointment booking is accurate. 

Technology Eliminates Human Error 

Wait time, whether perceived or actual, has an impact on customer satisfaction. Deploying a system that seeks to bring transparency to this can positively affect these experiences. 

By applying this technology solution, you remove human error from the equation. As a result, waiting room traffic will flow in the most effective way possible. NEMO-Q online scheduling software is robust, dynamic, and customizable. Our experts plan and implement queuing solutions that fit your specific requirements. With over 40 years in the queuing systems solution space, we can deliver technology that streamlines your processes and leaves customers delighted, not frustrated. 

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