Removing the Wait from Waiting in Line


Waiting in line seems to be an unavoidable experience. On this episode of MarketScale’s Building Management Podcast, Michael Bruner, National Sales Director for NEMO-Q, sat down with host Sean Heath and they discussed the philosophy and technology behind removing the wait from waiting in line.

Virtually every government office experience requires waiting in a line, however, Bruner pointed out that they are addressing the lines associated with an enormous number of sectors today.

“We have about 50,000 customers across the world using the NEMO-Q system. A lot of those are outside of the government world and they cover really any industry where someone stands in a line,” he said.

While there appears to be the exact same line in whichever government office a person finds themselves visiting, each one is quite distinct, according to Bruner.

“One city is going to be very different from another city and their office constrictions, whether it be size of the office, number of employees that are behind the counter, those are all different across each different office,” he said.

Bruner pointed out that a key factor in controlling an office’s efficiency is found in the data at their disposal.

“One of the biggest things to reducing wait times is to ensure that from the time the office opens until the time the office closes that you are staffed appropriately for the expected volume of customers. Using the data from our system, customers have the ability to go in and see exactly what they can expect for that day,” he said. “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

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