Reduce lobby traffic and increase profit while reopening

Reduce lobby traffic and increase profit while the world re-opens

You want to increase business but reduce lobby traffic. How do we accomplish this? After, a year of indoors, staying home, and putting things off that require public visits, the world is going to see a swarm of business in many industries as we return to normalcy. Therefore, NEMO-Q has adapted our solutions to make this transition as traffic-free and stress-free as possible.


  • Reduce Lobby Traffic NEMO-Q’s contactless appointment and queuing systems are built to handle high traffic situations. We perfectly blend walk-ins and appointments and appropriately match the correct employee with the correct qualifications for each customer’s needs. This allows for a more efficient way to serve each customer quicker without decreasing the quality of service.


  • Peak times – With NEMO-Q’s powerful analytics, you can learn more about when your peak traffic times are and how to reallocate resources to reduce lobby traffic during them. This way, both your business and your customers get the most out of it.


  • Wait anywhere Our system makes the lobby traffic virtual, allows people to check in wherever they want, and wait wherever they want. Customers can check in with an app on their phone, your website, a lobby kiosk, or even a receptionist. Then, they can wait for their turn at home, in their car, or the lobby. In other words, it lets customers choose their unique experience in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Learn more about waiting anywhere here.


  • Appointment Reminders Customers will have busy schedules and may end up abandoning or being a no-show. To counter this, NEMO-Q utilizes SMS texts or emails to send reminders for appointments. These can be interactive, so a customer can cancel or reschedule right then and there, freeing up space to serve other customers.


  • Customizable – Here at NEMO-Q we understand that every business is unique. Even branches within the same company can have differences. For this reason, we have made our solutions fully customizable so that we can better serve you, your employees, and your customers.


Nemo-Q has assembled an unmatched team of experts in improving customer satisfaction and increasing employee efficiency. With over 40 years of experience in queuing management, we are well equipped to increase your business efficiency, output, and profit all while we reduce lobby traffic simultaneously.


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