Queuing’s Role in a Post-Pandemic World

Technology has taken an even more significant role in our everyday lives and this increased use of it will become the new normal as we overcome this setback. Standing in lines was already becoming old news before COVID-19 brought the world to a screeching halt. Now that large crowds and bunches of people are considered a health risk, standing in lines will need to become a thing of the past. With technology like virtual queuing, it allows companies affected by the pandemic to minimize their damages and help the world recover at a faster pace.

NEMO-Q is dedicated to doing just that, by making lobbies and customer journeys safe and contactless. Not only does virtual queuing make the customers feel safer, but it also creates a seamless and more efficient customer interaction process.

Our queuing systems have been adapted to work with many industries and are proven to increase customer satisfaction. Customers do not get as restless, for they know exactly where they are in line and our system automatically matches them with an employee that is best suited to the customer’s needs. This optimizes productivity for the business and keeps customers happy and taken care of quickly and efficiently.

We believe that we can help companies bounce back even stronger than they were pre-pandemic by implementing our systems into their everyday business. Our queuing systems are just one of our many solutions to assist in transitioning to this new norm in business. Discover all the ways NEMO-Q can help you by contacting a representative and scheduling a demo.

Erik Berg

I'm Erik Berg, an experienced technology executive with a proven track record of success with Queue Management Solutions.

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