Queuing Systems for All Generations: Meet Every Customer’s Needs

Queuing Systems for All Generations: Meet Every Customer’s Needs

With the acceleration of technology over the past few decades, some of the population started using technology early in life. Others didn’t adopt it until much later and to varying degrees. With such a mix of people in the world as your customers, you may have apprehensions about implementing technology like queuing systems to streamline service interactions. Concerns about generational preferences and their comfort with technology are valid. 

Let’s look at the case for queuing systems for all generations.

Technology Adoption Is Greater for All Generations

First, you must consider the current landscape and how technology needs have changed in the past two years. The pandemic forced many people to engage with technology in new ways. For example, more consumers transitioned to digital banking, with 41% stating they are digital-only customers. Additionally, more people began using digital channels for financial transactions, which included 77% of seniors.

With the new environment and the convenience and ease of technology, all generations are viable adopters should you choose to augment customer service workflows. Even if you’ve seen this evolution, you may also have concerns about service expectations and preferences. 


Engaging with People or Technology? Most Are Somewhere in the Middle

Every customer has different preferences and expectations when seeking customer service in person. In many cases, younger generations, who are digital natives, often prefer self-service options. They are comfortable interacting with a kiosk and using their smartphone. Long lines and a lack of digitization may cause customers to abandon the line. 

Older generations may be less comfortable with using technology as an assistant. They may be more inclined to want to speak to a person and have traditional options. 

These are generalizations and don’t necessarily define your customer base. There are outliers in many situations. Most people fall somewhere in the middle of the extremes of digital-only or person-only. They are adaptable depending on factors like how much time they have available or how urgent the situation is. 

For those managing a business that includes queuing, you’ll want to consider all the possibilities to ensure every customer receives the best customer experience. Failing to be flexible here could result in bad reviews, inefficiencies, and unsatisfied customers. 

So, what solutions can help you meet the needs of every customer and streamline queuing?

NEMO-Q Queuing Systems Offer Experience Choices

The NEMO-Q queuing system provides the one thing every customer wants—choice! They can create an experience that fits their comfort zone. There are multiple ways they can add themselves to the queue, including:

  • Mobile devices 
  • Computers and kiosks
  • Scanning QR codes 
  • Speaking directly with an employee who will add them to the queue

It accounts for all the layers of customer inquiry. First, a user will select why they are there. This action will then slot them into the correct virtual line. Next, they receive information on approximate wait times and instructions on where to go when it’s their turn. 

The notification they receive is also of their choosing. It can be through speakers, TVs, email, or text message. The system also automatically matches customers with employees with the right skill set to resolve their issues. 

The platform ensures efficiency with additional features from our appointment scheduling system. With this solution, you can easily merge appointments and walk-ins. This functionality keeps lines streamlined and reduces frustration for both customers and employees. 

When you use a queuing system, you’ll enjoy many benefits. Most of all, customers walk away from experiences feeling valued. Lines are shorter, waiting areas stay uncluttered, and your staff can be more productive. It’s a simple solution that’s easy to implement, resulting in happier customers and workers.

See why it’s the most modern queuing system available by reviewing all its features.

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