How to Implement Future-Ready Queuing Solutions at Scale


Future-Ready Queuing Solutions at Scale

With the world reopening and a considerable uptick in face-to-face interactions expected, more and more businesses face a demand and capacity issue. Namely, demand may exceed the capacity to handle customers. Queuing can provide the perfect solution, but it comes with an intimidating prospect.

How do brick-and-mortar establishments integrate queuing at scale safely and efficiently in a way that doesn’t impact customers negatively? Erik Berg, VP of Marketing for NEMO-Q, spoke to Daniel Litwin on ways NEMO-Q is working to demystify the queuing process and make it simpler than ever for companies to take advantage of these systems.

“We find ourselves in a unique position to help businesses increase the volume of their customers,” Berg said. “We still want them to be as efficient as ever, but we also want to add to that an air of decluttered-ness and organization.”

Even with the pandemic winding down, that doesn’t mean customers are excited to get all cozy and crowded when they enter a business. Some people, even when vaccinated, will choose to continue wearing a mask and may seek out touchless experiences when available. Berg said it is essential to have options to cover all the bases. Instead of touchscreens to enter one’s place in line, perhaps utilizing a QR code, like many restaurants now do, is a preferred method for customers.

“Or, better yet, you go through that whole process at home, and you don’t even step onto the premise until you absolutely have to,” Berg said. “So, there’s a little bit for everybody. If you’re trying to get back out there and have those face-to-face interactions, we’re certainly going to provide that for you. If you want to be a bit more on the cautious side and stay at home and you think that’s the way to go, we have that option for you, too.”

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