NEMO Q’s Appointment Scheduling Combats Spread of COVID-19

During an uncertain period like the one brought on by the recent spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, it’s critical for essential businesses still operating throughout the pandemic’s course to take every precaution necessary to protect customers.

Some are obvious – cleaning thoroughly, closing whenever possible and the use of personal protective equipment have all seen widespread use to combat the disease.

However, there’s another often-overlooked method for reducing risk for customers – appointment scheduling.

By leveraging an appointment-scheduling solution that gives you the power to oversee everyone in your office, you can more effectively eliminate overcrowding, maintain appropriate social-distancing guidelines, limit office traffic and thoroughly manage the traffic you do get.

And NEMO-Q’s online appointment scheduling solution helps you do just that.

How It Works

The goal of NEMO-Q’s appointment scheduling solution is simple – give you an easy, efficient way to control how many people can be in your office at any given time.

The process is simple. In just six easy steps, customers will have a dedicated appointment time that gives them a clear idea of when to head in and you the ability to ensure they’ll be safe when they do.

  1. Customers go online to book an appointment.
    When they head to your website, customers will see a variety of available times, allowing them to select the one that works best for them without double-booking or otherwise crowding your office.
  2. The customer selects the correct office, service and time.
    Once they’ve found a time, the customer is guided through a simple process to select and lock-in that time.
  3. The customer receives an email confirmation.
    If the booking is successful, the customer will receive an email confirmation to provide them peace of mind and certainty that their appointment is booked.
  1. The customer will receive a window of time in which they can check in.
    Further helping you define acceptable limits to your traffic during this difficult time, customers will be provided with a specific check-in window that helps ensure as little overlap and overcrowding as possible. Customers can also wait anywhere, preventing frustration on their end due to uncertainty and keeping crowds from building in your office.
  2. The customer arrives and checks in via a kiosk or receptionist.
    When the customer arrives, the check-in process is simple and efficient, cutting down on time spent interacting with your staff.
  3. The customer is called and served at their scheduled time.
    That’s it! When their time comes around, the customer is served as normal.

The NEMO-Q appointment scheduling solution doesn’t require any other NEMO-Q queueing solutions or software, providing you a simple way to get started and ensure your office is as efficient and safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated regulations.

To hear more insights about how appointment scheduling can ease the strain of managing your business not only during this crisis, but during normal operations, head over to our podcast page and listen to the episode titled “Remove The Wait From Waiting In Line.”

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Caton Berg

I'm Caton Berg, a dedicated professional specializing in appointment scheduling solutions. With a wealth of experience in the field, I have honed my expertise in optimizing scheduling processes to drive operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. My role is to empower organizations to streamline their appointment management and unlock the full potential of their operations.

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