Queuing Solutions Empower Better Healthcare

Nemo-Q Queuing Solutions Empower Better Healthcare

McKinney, Texas – The healthcare industry needs ways to streamline the patient experience, relieve pressure on staff after the most challenging year in recent memory and ensure the highest level of operational efficiency possible to continue delivering elevated outcomes without sacrificing revenue and productivity.

Nemo-Q queuing solutions are ready to help healthcare organizations meet those goals head on in the post-COVID-19 landscape.

Beyond legacy challenges presented by long wait times, such as abandonment and customer dissatisfaction, the pandemic added a new layer of difficulty due to precautions like social distancing and capacity limits.

These challenges are now especially present in healthcare settings, where patients potentially actively infected with the novel coronavirus are entering facilities for treatment.

This means that more organized lobby flows, more spacing, and even wait-from-anywhere solutions – particularly for immune-compromised people – are critical to providing a safe and efficient healthcare environment.

Nemo-Q’s queuing solutions empower healthcare facilities to cater to those new demands. Wait-from-anywhere functionality, remote check-in and notifications via text message and more allow patients to make the best choice for themselves regarding where to wait for treatment.

“We listen to our customers,” said Nick Eason, Nemo-Q National Sale Manager. “[Remote check-in] was actually a customer’s idea. It was a pharmacy. They said, ‘Hey, why can’t we do this?’ A couple of weeks later, we made it happen.”

Even as more people become vaccinated against COVID-19, it’s unlikely that the healthcare landscape will ever return to its pre-pandemic normal. Things like elevated transparency regarding wait times and real-time notifications will continue to be expected by patients. In the case of immune-compromised people, even the common cold and flu can be extremely dangerous, meaning there will be a continued demand for wait-anywhere functionality.

Nemo-Q provides tools to help practices deliver.

“We walk around with a computer in our pocket at all times,” Eason said. “With the technology that we have, we have to be at the forefront of it to just make life easier, make things more convenient for us, and make things better.”

About Nemo-Q

Nemo-Q has assembled an unmatched team of experts in improving customer satisfaction and increasing employee efficiency. Our queue management, appointment scheduling and customer feedback solutions have helped clients from the United States’ Department of Defense to RBC, Harvard University and more find powerful new efficiencies.

With over 40 years of experience in queuing management, we are well equipped to serve you by helping you take care of your customer, no matter the industry.

To learn more or request a demo, visit nemo-q.com.

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