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In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic and likely into the future as the way the world does business shifts as a response, staying safe will be a major concern for customers, employees and business leaders alike.

After all, everyone needs access to much-needed products and services in a safe way. At the same time, businesses must find ways to remain efficient while adapting to new regulations.

NEMO-Q’s queuing solutions allow companies to conduct business as usual on a day-to-day basis while keeping their customers and workforce safe. In addition to that, our software offers additional benefits in terms of efficiency and workflow.

Keep reading to learn more about our flagship queuing software as a service, which you can now use as an app or mobile website, and how to take advantage of it for your own business.

The CDC’s Social Distancing Guidelines

Since the onset of the pandemic several months ago, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a set of social distancing guidelines to limit the spread of the coronavirus in public settings.

As most people now know, these recommendations include staying at least six feet away from others you do not consider part of your immediate household.

But, as simple as this practice is to enforce in theory, social distancing can quickly devolve into a logistical nightmare for companies.

This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses that lack the resources to implement these guidelines in a practical and economical way across the entire company. Businesses that rely on queuing also experience issues keeping people safe in these settings.

When the pandemic started, companies began to place stickers on the floor of their queuing areas in an effort to remind people about social distancing guidelines. However, it’s just not a practical long-term solution.

This begs the question: Why not get rid of queues altogether?

NEMO-Q’s Queuing Software as a Service

Thanks to NEMO-Q’s queuing solutions, your business can make physical queues a thing of the past.

Companies can have their customers get in a virtual line safely from their personal device without ever having to come into contact with other shoppers or clients at your place of business.

But that’s not all. Our software, which now comes as an app or mobile website, boasts a seamless and contactless experience from start to finish. It’s easy to use and implement, lightweight, and now even offers geo-fencing options for tech-savvy teams.

Practice line safety with a queuing software as a service that does it all, so your customers and employees can enjoy greater safety and peace of mind.

Get in Touch with NEMO-Q

Despite the popularity of NEMO-Q’s flagship product, we also offer many other queuing solutions to complement your business’ unique needs.

Enrich your company’s contactless experience and practice line safety at all times with one of our products and services. Contact us today to book your demo and learn how we can help your business succeed during these unprecedented times.

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