How to Get Actionable Survey Results

How to Get Actionable Survey Results

Everyone knows the feeling when businesses request you to complete surveys after you have paid — offering all sorts of incentives or discounts so that customers will be willing to go through the wordy survey about how their experience was. A large majority of the time, customers will either not bother with it at all or start the survey only to realize that the incentive is not worth the time it would take to complete it. This is not an actionable survey.

NEMO-Q recognized this problem and introduced the solution, the 8 Second Survey.

The Importance Of Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction and experience are often top of mind at most businesses. With the knowledge that if a company listens to its customers, you can improve more often, customers recommend you and come back more often, and buy more.

Customer feedback allows businesses to find out what customers like or don’t like. If you know what they like, you can give them more of it or remove the things they don’t like. By asking for this feedback, you signal that you value your opinion.

There are many ways to ask for feedback, and one of the main ways is through surveys. But, surveys don’t often get filled out because customers don’t want to engage in a long survey. They are often too long, don’t ask focused questions, and are often an inconvenience.

The 8 Second Survey

This Customer feedback solution keeps it short and straightforward and makes sure that the questions asked will maximize the value of the answers given. After that, it helps compile the data and helps employers learn where and why they need to improve in a particular area.

Our actionable survey system has been proven to double and sometimes triple survey participation rates. That itself is a significant improvement, coupled with our software that does all the analysis for you. After compiling the data, the system then develops easy-to-read presentations of the results, making it easy to find where improvements need to be made. The interface is exceptionally user-friendly and draws customers towards it, feeling challenged and curious about the idea that an actionable survey could take only 8 seconds.

Customer feedback is crucial to the success of a business and its ability to stay ahead of competitors. Whether big or small, reliable feedback can be extremely valuable, and our system can be adaptable to almost any business.

Contact Nemo-Q today to find out why the 8 Second Survey is the most flexible tool out there.

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