How Queuing Technology Can Be Utilized in Banks


On this episode of The Art of Waiting, A NEMO-Q podcast, Host Tyler Kern talked with Michael Berg, CEO of NEMO-Q, about queuing technology and how it can be utilized in banks.

Queuing technology is matching up different people waiting in line for different things, tracking how long they wait, and then making sure you have the resources needed to serve them appropriately and efficiently. Businesses can then blend appointments with walk-in traffic, which can be essential but might not be best if left up to human error. This also tends to matter more in a bank setting, where it’s not the same as other environments.

“If you leave that to humans, it can be slow,” Berg said. “Banks are very different from retail. They’re, obviously, very different from a DMV or a tax office in the sense that they actually have regular customers. They have good customers, and they have some really high-value customers.”

Banks often have customers that have a lot of money in the bank. In a queuing scenario, a high-value client can be identified with a number or a card that’s tied in with the bank’s system. This will allow that customer to receive high priority. For example, if an important customer comes to access the safe deposit box, they could be identified, and it might be known they don’t have investments with the bank.

“You don’t want to send a fresh employee, one that’s just out of high school or college, to let them in the safe deposit box,” Berg said. “You may even want to make them wait a couple of minutes for the branch manager who can sell this person something, and a queuing technology can do that.”

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