Does my Dispensary need a Queuing System?

Does my Dispensary need a Queuing System?

For medical marijuana dispensaries, this means that your business is flush with customers. However, sometimes this influx of business can lead to long lines and waits, making for unhappy customers. One way to solve the problem is through a dispensary queuing system.

The medical marijuana industry continues to boom on every level, creating an increasing demand for efficient dispensaries. The market was valued at $9.1 billion in 2020, with growth expected to happen at a compound annual growth rate of 26.7 percent from 2021 to 2028.

Understand A Queuing System

When most folks think of a queuing system, they think of the take-a-number solution at the deli counter. However, technology has allowed those systems to advance. These systems now include web-based solutions where customers can sign up online.

A dispensary queuing system allows your lobby to be organized. It eliminates wait times and improves customer experience, as customers are alerted when they are next in line. Often, a building with a line out the door deters customers, causing them to bring their business to another place. A queuing system minimizes this and creates a less chaotic and more welcoming floor space. On the busiest of weekends, a queuing system will help manage peak times and create a more peaceful experience for all involved.

Dispensaries and Queuing Systems

Whether a dispensary is brand new or has been around for a while, it can benefit from a queuing solution. Certain regions are becoming saturated by dispensary start-ups, making it even more important to stand out from the rest.

As the industry continues to grow progressively, it has created a wide range of experiences for customers. Some people are still visiting dispensaries for the first time, while others have become pros and know exactly what they want. A dispensary queuing system allows employees to serve each customer based on their needs. It gives them more time to spend with each customer and gives them information about each customer before they even get face to face.

While medical marijuana is becoming more widely used, some groups of people still have strong opinions against its use. This means some people prefer not to display their name or any identifying factors. Luckily, a dispensary queuing system allows for customers to maintain anonymity from those around them

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