Contactless Queuing Helps Colleges Adapt to New Social Distancing Guidelines

Virtual Queuing in Higher Education

College institutions require widely flexible tech solutions to compensate for the chaotic schedules of their students. Serving large populations of people, campuses must deal with high volumes of traffic and a high demand for academic services in a short amount of time. With a large variety of student needs, addressing them in an efficient manner can be difficult. Effectively using campus resources and the valued time of a student creates a unique queuing challenge.

Efficient and Smart

NEMO-Q’s queuing systems provide a way for these institutions to adapt and create a quick, efficient, and positive experience for their students by managing the combination of walk-in and appointment traffic. With younger generations becoming more and more tech-savvy and tech-dependent, colleges should have no fear implementing our smart queuing systems into their processes.

Contactless and Safe

We are dedicated to help accomplish this. Especially considering recent events, lines and crowded lobbies can be considered dangerous due to COVID-19. By making lobbies contactless, virtual queuing makes the students feel safer and creates a seamless and more efficient student interaction process.

Erik Berg

I'm Erik Berg, an experienced technology executive with a proven track record of success with Queue Management Solutions.

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