Are You Maximizing the Benefits of Advanced Queuing System Technology?


Queue management systems have come a long way since being first introduced in Sweden during the 1970s. Decades later, the technology has evolved well beyond the “grab-a-ticket-and-wait-until-your-number-is-called” system. Yet, before the global pandemic of 2020 took the world by storm, it was rare to see queueing systems that went much beyond the early technology that consumers were used to.

Lockdowns and social distancing created an urgent demand for businesses to find new ways to queue customers to stay alive and meet evolving expectations. Consumers quickly adapted to new systems that supported social distancing while improving the “wait-in-line” experience. Concurrently, businesses that provide queue management systems went full speed ahead in creating new solutions to age-old challenges. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence opened the door to address a variety of queuing challenges in new ways. However, many businesses do not utilize the advanced technology that would assist them in further improving the customer experience. The following is an overview of the most commonly underutilized queueing system features:

Skill & Service-Based Routing

Queueing customers according to the services they require ensures that they are matched with employees trained to fulfill their needs. There are many benefits to this tech including the ability to reduce miscommunications, streamline the service process, and reduce service time.

Another great benefit is eliminating the frustration customers experience when they are re-routed to a new line because the employee they met with first was not able to help them. No one likes waiting in multiple lines over and again to get the services they need.

Short vs. Long Service Times

Nearly everyone has experienced the frustration of needing a simple service that takes virtually no time but having to wait for an extended period of time because the person in front of them needs a service that takes an extended period of time. For example, someone who needs stamps at the post office ends up waiting thirty minutes while a customer processes their passport application.

In fact, this issue is what inspired the first advanced queuing system designed for a post office in Sweden. Customers were able to select the postal service they needed upon arrival and were then queued accordingly. Organizing queues by service time streamlines business operations and prevents unnecessary long wait times.

Blend Appointment & Walk-in Traffic

Managing appointments with walk-in traffic can be challenging. Pairing appointment software that allows customers to schedule appointments online or via mobile devices alongside queueing system software enables the seamless blending of walk-in traffic with pre-set appointments.

This ensures that customers who schedule ahead of time are able to be seen at the time of their appointment. And it blends walk-ins into the schedule to ensure a business is able to maintain a fair balance of wait times.

Manager Alerts & Tools

A simple, user-friendly dashboard provides real-time data, customizable alerts, employee messaging capabilities, and much more to help managers track performance and proactively address issues. The dashboard is easily accessible through a PC or mobile device.  

Managers also have the ability to set alerts based on service goals which will trigger notifications such as knowing if goals are being met or if wait times are being exceeded.  Making real-time, informed decisions on staffing stations or working to solve customer issues can significantly decrease customer abandonment. 

Workstation Service Profiles

Data can be collected and analyzed in a variety of ways to provide managers and business leaders with insight into performance metrics and customer wait times. Tracking data by workstations gives insight into individual employees’ performance, which provides the opportunity to recognize success and address challenges.

Data can be tracked by services such as wheelchair accessibility, specific printers or scanners, credit card or cash-only booths, kiosk check-ins, and much more. Whatever data a business needs to track to gain insight into service-specific wait times and whether employees are meeting established service goals can be collected and analyzed.

Maximize Your Queueing System with the Latest Tech Designed to Transform the Customer Experience

Actual and perceived wait times significantly impact customer satisfaction. “A study by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) found that wait times are among the top drivers of customer satisfaction. Customers who have to wait longer than expected are 18% less satisfied with their overall experience.”

And that dissatisfaction doesn’t go away quickly. “The study found that the negative effect of a long wait lasts long after the customer has left the store or service provider.” This can and often does lead to negative word-of-mouth advertising that can truly impact the success or lack thereof of a business.

There are so many benefits of having an effective queuing system including:

  1. Decreased perceived wait times
  2. Freedom to wait anywhere
  3. Reduced service times
  4. Multiple check-in options
  5. Collect customer feedback to improve business operations

And that’s just the beginning. The key to success lies in designing a queue management system that meets specific business needs while supporting customer satisfaction, improved business operations, employee productivity, and much more. 

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