All-new Touchless Queuing by NEMO-Q will be instrumental in the everyday fight against our current pandemic

All-new Touchless Queuing by NEMO-Q

McKinney, TX – This year NEMO-Q introduced Touchless Queuing to aid healthcare facilities in combatting the spread of COVID-19 by keeping patients out of line and safe from high traffic public devices. Patients can now form virtual lines and schedule appointments from their personal device with limited interaction in the facility.

With a touchless queuing solution, the patient checks-in virtually and only enters the facility when it is their turn to be helped. This will keep facility lobbies from becoming overcrowded, improve efficiency, and keep both the patient and front-line worker safe. Whereas competitors and previous versions required you to be physically present – in many cases you would need to interact with a public device like a touchscreen.

“We have revolutionized the healthcare experience by reducing the patients time spent on site by over 50%,” said Michael Berg, CEO of NEMO-Q. “A Touchless Queuing solution allows the entire healthcare ecosystem to benefit and do their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

Another added efficiency of queuing includes healthcare practices ability to get clear insights into wait times, important KPI’s, and employee proficiency. The ease of scheduling that comes along with this queuing system ensures that patients are seen in the most effective and timely manner, while receiving optimal care.

NEMO-Q revolutionized queuing with the introduction of Virtual Queuing Systems. Today they are on the cutting edge of queuing technology with SaaS offerings for every solution. NEMO-Q’s large suite of products – Virtual Queuing, Online Appointment Scheduling, Mobile Application, and SMS – ensures a solution for any healthcare facility, large, or small. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry they are a reliable and agile partner for customer experience needs.

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