How to Get Actionable Survey Results from Customers


Customer surveys are important. They are needed to understand who your customers are, what they’re trying to do, and how well a company is helping them achieve those goals. But crafting them is important, and questions need to be framed in a meaningful way. That is the difference that creates actionable survey results.

On this episode of The Art of Waiting, a Nemo-Q Podcast, host Hilary Kennedy talked with Michael Berg, CEO of Nemo-Q, a pioneer in the field of queuing management and customer flow technology. They have experience from thousands of installations making a real difference in the way customers wait.

At some point, everybody has taken a survey – or maybe avoided one. In some cases, users might start a survey only to realize they don’t want anything to do with it. Why is this?

“You don’t know how long the survey is, to begin with,” said Berg, who has over 30 years of experience in customer queuing and wait time management. “Everybody tells you it’s a quick survey, and it rarely is.”

Berg elaborated that customers will get that one graphic in an email asking for feedback, but that will lead them to realize that’s only for one question out of 40. “You answer five questions, and it says, ‘You’re almost done,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’m done right now,’” Berg said.

While survey regret is real, Nemo-Q has an eight-second survey that can double or triple participation rates pproducing actionable survey results. When a customer sees “eight seconds,” it creates a challenge for them, so they hit the button. With a high click-through rate, Nemo-Q can get a robust survey in eight seconds. Berg said it’s key how questions are asked and how answers are presented.

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