Manage the flow and efficiency of every branch from one location, and one application

An increasing number of banks and credit unions are turning to different types of queuing systems to manage wait times and productivity. These systems can be used to direct customers to tellers or as an electronic sign-in sheet for the customer service side. The NEMO-Q system can match employee skill sets with customer demand to maximize selling opportunities and profits.

Put member satisfaction and employee proficiency first

Keep track of wait times and service levels in real time

Monitor employee logins and productivity

Allocate staff to help members efficiently with invaluable statistics



With a Customer Flow Management (CFM) solution in place, you achieve a greater return from your skills-based routing investment. This is true because you send fewer customers to agents who do not have the skills to handle the transaction or inquiry. Bankers are therefore not wasting time on transactions they cannot properly handle. With a CFM system, you are in essence reserving a specialist for your customer and increasing the likelihood of first contact resolution.
During periods of peak volume in your bank, CFM immediately educates your customers with an electronic wait time. With options for managing the wait time, customers who reserve their place in a queue will not leave out of frustration because they don’t know what to expect in terms of waiting.
By offering customers options, you demonstrate respect for your customers' valuable time and elevate the level of service you offer. In addition, it is truly remarkable how the perception of time changes with CFM.
For every customer that is routed through the CFM, the bank is saving on labor by efficiently matching resources with demand. Statistics and modeling, which is part of the CFM system, can also be utilized to create more efficient schedules, especially with part-time employees.


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