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Online Appointment Scheduling

Here's the long version..

NEMO-Q is proud to release its newest version of online appointment software named Ventus. Our online appointment software will allow customers to go online and book an appointment for individual employees, a block of time designated by senior staff, service queue, specific date/time, location etc. Once an appointment has been made, that time and date is now reserved and the customer is sent a confirmation email outlining the time, date and location of their appointment.

The appointment software will generate a minimum of two emails for the customer. The first email is sent to the customer as a confirmation that will detail appointment date, time, location, and specific senior personnel if necessary. The second email will be sent to the customer as a reminder email. This email is usually sent one hour prior to the scheduled appointment but is at the discretion of the customer of when they would like the reminder sent. Moreover, if an appointment is cancelled or re-scheduled a confirmation email is sent back to the customer confirming the new appointment date or appointment cancellation.

Further, Ventus software will seamlessly blend appointment customers with your walk-in traffic. The customers will input their appointment confirmation code into the touchscreen kiosk. Their appointment status has been verified, the customers will be called at the time of their scheduled appointment.

Online Appointment Scheduling Features:

  • Flexibility: The Ventus calendar tool can handle many types of situations. Open different times on different days? Customer will choose an appointment type, date, and time to book. No overbooking. Customers will only see the times that are available, all your appointment information is private.
  • Management View: Find everything in one place on the Administrator dashboard. See the entire day, week or month.
  • Ease of Use: Administrators can deny and cancel bookings with just one click. Clients see the most updated availability for the service that they want. Clients can research, choose, book, reschedule, confirm, and ask for updates and reminders – all without ever having to call you.
  • Friendly Reminders: Your customer can receive confirmation emails, text messages, and reminders before the appointment. You can let customers manage their own canceling and rescheduling, you'll be notified and can restrict this also.
  • Full Customization: It's easy to add your logo and customize all the colors of your schedule. All emails can be customized with a set script that can be service type or queue specific.


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