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Small Business Queuing

Here's the long version..

The NEMO-Q Express system was created with a small business office's needs in mind. This scaled back version of our full virtual queuing system allows customers to type their name into an iPad or android tablet and select a reason for their visit to sign in. Using a web browser, employees can access this list and manage customer traffic in real time. In addition to this functionality, since gathering statistical data has always been an important aspect of queuing, this system also collects basic statistics on foot traffic, productivity, and wait times.

Features of NEMO-Q Express:

  • Simple and Quick Set up
  • Staff Manages Customer Traffic with a simple browser window
  • Gather Daily Statistics on Customer Traffc, Wait Times, and Productivity
  • Easy Monthly Payments or Discount Annual Plans Available
  • No Proprietary Hardware Needed
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Virtually Maintenance Free

Employee Dashboard

Using the NEMO-Q Express Dashboard, Employees are able to view the entire waiting list of customers in the lobby. This list contains the time of arrival, current wait time, customer name, services needed, and allows for brief note-taking about the particular customer. When the employee is ready to call the next customer forward, they can simply click the "acknowledge" button and go and greet the customer by name, which keeps the customer's visit as personable as possible.


The NEMO-Q Express system collects basic data on employee productivity, wait times, and services rendered, allowing managers and supervisors to effectively manage and maintain their lobby in real time. Further, now that the front lobby operations have this valuable data, it can be studied and evaluated to make operational improvements and streamline your customer flow.


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