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Real Time Statistical Monitoring

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While improving customer flow is an important aspect of queuing, gathering statistics and metrics on customer throughput and employee productivity is a vital part of our industry. NEMO-Q offers its invaluable statistical and reporting software with every virtual queuing system; this software allows supervisors and managers to view a perfect snapshot the day to day activity and real-time, up to the minute data of customers, services, and individual employees. NEMO-Q understands that management must be able to change thresholds, skill-sets, and system priorities with the ebb and flow of a busy day. Management staff will be able to setup multiple monitoring widgets all set with different thresholds. Further these thresholds can be branch specific or District wide (all locations). Further, management staff will have complete control of the queuing software – this is dependent on that individual’s level of access which is determined by Senior Management Staff.

Real Time Reporting Capabilites:

  • Provides monitoring tools and/or the internet with real time system data
  • Measures wait time, session time, employee productivity, number of waiting customers and login information.
  • Management can be notified by email/text message if the wait time limit or other parameter is exceeded.
  • Managers are able to monitor open/closed workstations in real-time.
  • Monitors wait time in real time to allow control of customer flow.
  • Displays real time data such as waiting customers per category, site, person and function.
  • Displays wait time information per category, site, employee and service function.
  • Displays information on the status and productivity of each employee.
  • Displays current session time of each employee and with what category they are currently working.
  • Measures waste time - the time not being spent with a customer.


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