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Queuing by Phone with NEMO-Q

Here's the long version..

Our focus in both product development and strategic thinking is how we can best provide a positive office experience for your customers. Your customers are on the go and need to secure a place in line via a variety of means, whether it be spur of the moment (walk-in), same day planned ahead (SMS), or planning days/weeks in advance (online appointment scheduling).

NEMO-Q offers a variety of phone queuing applications, including our "Text to be Next" and our "Call Ahead Queuing" softwares. Both applications allow your customers to wait from a remote location until it is their assigned time to come into your office for service. This not only creates a more relazed working environment for your employees, but it also gives your customers a lesser percieved wait time at your office!

Text to be Next

Your customers will use our NEMO-Q “Text to be Next” software to receive a ticket number and will be assigned an approximate time of when their number will called. In addition, the walk-in customers that are waiting in your lobby can view length of service queues and number of customers waiting. This functionality will greatly increase your customer flow and decrease the amount of time customers spend in your lobby.

  • Customers are assigned a ticket number and the time that their number will be called before they ever arrive to your location, creating a more relaxed work environment
  • Customers can request additional time to arrive to your office or remove themselves completely from the queue
  • Customers can check on their place in line at any time by simply texting in their ticket number

Call Ahead Queuing

For years, NEMO-Q has given your customers the ability to send an SMS text to get in line, but for some clients it's simply just easier to pick up the phone and call in. To encompass all types of customers, NEMO-Q is now offering your clients the ability to call in to reserve a place in line at your office. This technology coupled with our world-reknowned queuing platform will not only change the way your customers wait, but will also streamline the way you offer services from the moment your customer walks in your front door.

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