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  • Queuing by Name

NEMO-Q Virtual Queuing using Names

Here's the long version..

The NEMO-Q Virtual Queuing system is designed to allow customers to check-in and secure a place in line through a variety of means. Our system will allow customers to get in line by simply walking in and checking in at a kiosk or with a receptionist or greeter. Once the customer's need has been assessed, they will provide their name and be placed in a virtual queue. With flexibility in mind, the virtual queuing system can also be equipped with more advanced technology that allows customers to get in line from a remote location via SMS text message as well, however the customer will be queued by the last 4 digits in their phone number. Not only does this technology free up your lobby, but it also frees the customer from the burden of standing in line and allows them to be productive while waiting for services at your office!

Self-Service Ticket Printers and Features:

  • Does not require staff assistance
  • Welcome page with logo
  • Multiple language functionality
  • Opening menu with additional submenus
  • Easily configurable touchscreen
  • Customer data gathering program
  • Floor, wall, and desk mount options available

Digital Signage Capabilites

NEMO-Q offers digital signage software that is capable of directing customers to specific workstations and service locations using LCD monitors and by an automatic announcement (voice). As names are called, LCD TV monitors will display the customer’s ticket number and the corresponding workstation. NEMO-Q’s digital signage software application is capable of providing public service announcements, educational material, RSS Feeds, power-point presentations, etc. The displays will show the last four customer names called and direct them to the correct workstation or examiner window.

Customer Service Representative Virtual Dashboard

Once the customer has entered their name into the system and selected a reason for their visit, they can now be comfortably seated in a reception area rather than standing in line. The customer’s specific need is placed in an electronic queue where it will interface with the virtual dashboard located on the Customer Service Representative’s (CSR) computer. Using the dashboard, the employee is able to create a more personable visit for your customers by being able to greet them by name.The attendant will then use the real-time Web-Based Dashboard to call forward, transfer and otherwise manage your customer’s experience.

Customers that require multiple transactions can be seamlessly transferred to other queues.    Employees can transfer customers to specific employees, particular workstation or to a different queue.  More importantly, the NEMO-Q system is now tracking a new wait/service time for the new category in addition to the category previously served.

Real Time Monitoring and Statistics

Though the primary function of the system is to improve workflow, maximize throughput and provide a better waiting environment for the customers, the system will also accurately gather various performance measures, including wait time, staff productivity, scheduling, traffic patterns, customer flow, and other valuable metrics. Click here to learn more about our real-time stats →

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